OPINION // So You’ve Got A Startup. Now What? Posted at 0:00, Tue, 6 January 2015 in Industry Insights

Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Managed Services Recruitment. In-house Recruitment. Onsite Recruitment.

If you’re a startup you’ll be hearing this terminology often, so with so much choice, where should you begin?

Here at MitchelLake, we believe that we’re still (as always) one step ahead of the curve.

Much like the innovative tech startups that we partner with. Silicon Valley’s up & coming early stage startups are crying out for the best talent in tech.

From the smartest engineers to the most dynamic product specialists; whatever their needs are, talent is the one thing stopping them from becoming the Next Big Thing.

MitchelLake Onsite (MLO) allows clients to outsource their entire recruitment function to us, alleviating the use of expensive agencies or overpriced contract recruiters and partnering with a consulting firm that really takes the time to understand what makes them tick.

I took the opportunity to speak to some of our Lakers in MLO San Francisco about what it’s like to work within this model.

Jeff Umscheid, Tech Recruiter, MLO, offers, “We have an in-house model with an agency at the back end”. Support, training, mentorship and accountability is on offer in abundance. Our model has allowed me to do what I do best – consult. I’ve grown so much in the time I’ve been here.

“I’m privileged to have the best of both worlds working in this model. The chance to work internally with a startup without the pressure of sales like a staffing agency. I get the support of a talent business where I work with some very smart & passionate recruiters whilst providing a tailored and personal service to great startups that I’m passionate about.”

Brynna Locke, Recruitment Consultant, MLO, elaborates, “We’re rewarded in a way that goes above and beyond what a traditional staffing agency model would and I don’t have the constant concern of sales targets and KPI’s. The candidate experience and the best possible outcome for the client are the deliverables I work to and that works just fine by me! The best part about working here is the team. We’re collaborative, we work hard and everyone knows what part they play in us achieving success. Everyone genuinely enjoys each other’s company and looks out for each other.”

So as you can see – we’re a happy bunch of driven, smart and forward thinking recruiters (yes, we’ve drunk our own Kool-Aid!) – keen to disrupt the conforms of the traditional in-house recruitment model. As a Laker here at MLO, you’re responsible for driving outcomes for clients and delivering the best possible outcome for the careers of your candidates.

The uniqueness of our embedded talent model has allowed the MLO brand to double the amount of startups we now sit onsite with across the Bay area and double our headcount in 2014. We’ve got new clients queuing up at the door for our services and all we need now are more Lakers who want to get on the bus and come along for the ride.

If you’re interested in finding out more about us, we’d like to find out more about you. Please email us at sydney@mitchellake.com.