Intentionally distributed
Inherently collaborative...

Intentionally distributed <Br>Inherently collaborative<span>...<span>
Our global team operates across strategic and hub markets across four continents, which means we have the relationships, access, and influence to find you the best talent – no matter where you are seeking to build or grow.
Our Partners and Consultants leverage decades of expertise in networked relationships and market knowledge to gain an understanding of your needs and accurately identify the best strategies to drive your business forward. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can support you with your next project.
  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Managing Partner, ANZ

  • Mary Karolyi
    Mary Karolyi

    Global CFO

  • Sophie Cohen
    Sophie Cohen

    Senior Principal

  • Mark Sparrow
    Mark Sparrow

    Managing Partner MLG UKI

  • Robert Kinkade
    Robert Kinkade

    Senior Partner, Ventures & Transformation

  • James Foster
    James Foster

    Partner, Cybersecurity

  • Jon Tanner
    Jon Tanner

    Group CEO & Managing Partner

  • Jamie Gripton
    Jamie Gripton

    Partner, EMEA

  • Illona Vak
    Illona Vak

    Partner, ANZ

  • Aditi Kittane
    Aditi Kittane


  • Benjamin Bullock
    Benjamin Bullock

    Head of Research & Delivery, ANZ

  • Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon

    Board Advisory, ANZ

  • Mark Chote
    Mark Chote

    Group NED

  • Michael Datta
    Michael Datta

    Partner, Sport Media & Entertainment

  • Fyza Sharma
    Fyza Sharma

    Associate Consultant

  • Emma Dwyer
    Emma Dwyer

    Head of People & Culture

  • Patrick Blute
    Patrick Blute

    Growth Advisor, North America

  • Hal Barne
    Hal Barne

    Growth Advisor, North America