MELBOURNE EVENT // How Tech is Managing Risk in the New Finance Industry Posted at 0:00, Thu, 26 March 2015 in Industry Insights

How lucky we are to live in the age where cloud technology is making so much disruption possible. No industry is as ripe for disruption as the banking industry.


This traditionally cloistered, slow-moving and change-resistant industry with an estimated $112 billion of assets in Australia is being challenged by a new wave of dynamic and versatile lenders, keen to use technology in new and exciting ways.

MitchelLake loves innovation so we’re delighted to support this disruptive play. What we also care about is that these challengers are sustainable. We’ve invited two speakers who are leading the charge to present their views on how digital technology can be used to manage risk in the modern finance world. We hope you’ll join us to share their insights.

Stuart Stoyan is a fin-tech entrepreneur whose aim is to empower Australian borrowers and investors through his new startup, MoneyPlace, a P2P lending platform. Stuart spent 10 years as a management consultant at Accenture, and before founding MoneyPlace he was Head of Business Improvement & Support across NAB’s Business Banking.

Stuart has worked across Australia, NZ, Asia and the USA, with a focus on market entry, growth and performance improvement within retail and business banking.

MoneyPlace will enable all Australians to invest in unsecured personal loans to consumers and small businesses, providing investors a better way to manage their money and help borrowers build a better financial future.

Aris Allegos is the Managing Director of exciting Melbourne-based startup Moula Money. With an investment and banking background, Aris spent nearly a decade working in London and Hong Kong for companies including Dresdner Kleinwort and Credit Suisse. He is a Non-Executive Director at Tiger Pistol and founded Moula Money in September 2013 with Andrew Watt.

Moula Money is designed to cover the gap in the market for critical short-term funding, by providing loans of up to $20,000. Their aim is to solve the short-term funding issue of many SMEs by making it easy, automated and accessible to every small business in Australia.

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