We’re looking for a CEO to drive Australia’s education future // EduGrowth Posted at 0:00, Tue, 20 September 2016 in Company Updates

Launching earlier this year, EduGrowth caught our attention with this decisive and ambitious mission: 100 million students educated globally per annum, through Australian education by 2025. EduGrowth realises Australia has the expertise, drive and collective vision to be a top-five country globally in borderless education, and they’re working with more than 200 Australian Education companies to revolutionise education as we know it, in order to ready us for a rapidly changing world.

But they need someone to guide them.

MitchelLake were immediately inspired by their vision, and now have the opportunity and great pleasure to help them reach it. We’re excited to be partnering with EduGrowth in a pro bono capacity to locate their new CEO to be responsible for and guide the success of the company.

We’re on the look out for someone with entrepreneurial energy, demonstrated experience and the right gravitas to lead this inspired organisation.

EduGrowth, a not-for-profit organisation, believes strongly in the community, and realises that through a supportive & collaborative network, Australia will be able to create a productive and successful startup ecosystem. By connecting entrepreneurs with mentors, established organisations and government departments, they can fast-track tests and trials of products and services.

AusTrade has been a key supporter, and the launch of EduGrowth has coincided with the activation of the AIE2025 Roadmap. This Roadmap has come out of over a year of consultation between the education sector, AusTrade and other arms of government to complement Australia’s National Strategy for International Education.
With 30 mentors engaged, EduGrowth’s Board is made up of Beverley Oliver, Patrick Brothers, Tony Brennan and Martin Beeche.

If you, or someone you know, can drive partnerships with corporates, face the government and work to oversee both the growing ecosystem and accelerator, then we’d love to talk!

Please spread the word far and wide, and get in touch with Kevin Griffiths to chat further on kevin@mitchellake.com or +61 412 343 041.

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Kevin Griffiths leads MitchelLake Executive for the ANZ Practice. Based in Sydney, he is focused on supporting startups, NewCo’s, scale-ups, and established tech companies with C-suite and board requirements, in addition to working with Australian SME’s and enterprises undergoing digital/technology transformations.

Since joining MLE in 2012, Kevin has led over 100 searches. His time has been divided into three key areas – CEO searches for scale-ups or tech companies going through transformation; CTO/CPO searches for tech companies with a global requirement to bring talent to Australia with technology and/or product leadership at scale; and consulting to and leading searches with clients looking to innovate, who are seeking advice from the MLE practice on the question of build, buy, or partner.

Prior to joining MLE, Kevin was a Partner at BMS where he built and led the Midlands commercial practice in the UK, before moving to Australia to help scale the business in Sydney and Melbourne.