Tech Prophets pick 5 business trends for 2016 Posted at 0:00, Sat, 13 February 2016 in Industry Insights

As 2016 kicks off, predictions are being cast far and wide about the year ahead. Futurists Ross Dawson, Craig Rispin and MitchelLake’s co-founder Jon Tanner had their clairvoyant skills called upon in an article in My Small Business about trends for 2016.

In the article, published on SMH on January 7, Tanner suggests ad funded consumer models for products and services in growth markets, and more agile global business activity, as key trends and areas to watch and move on. On global businesses, Tanner elaborates, “There’s no impediment to starting a business anywhere, which is why we’re seeing new start-ups pop up in a broader spread of regions beyond traditional hub cities”.

Read the full article on SMH.

Image: via SMH / Bloomberg