NEWS // MLG San Francisco Welcomes New Partner Posted at 0:00, Thu, 4 December 2014 in Company Updates

This November we were pleased to welcome Jason Heck as an Executive Search Partner to join our growing San Francisco team. With extensive experience across executive search Jason has a background in campaign politics. He joins us from Parker Remick, a Seattle-based executive search firm who work closely with a number of VC firms.

Jason says of the move “I’m most excited to get MLE (MitchelLake Executive) established as a US brand that can successfully deliver on Silicon Valley assignments with respected technology companies and in addition help MLG be seen and heard as a thought-leader in the industry”.

“I think our part needs to continue to be less transactional and more advisory when it comes to talent. We see and talk to a lot more leaders and companies than most of our clients and we can be a key advisor when it comes to how these companies tackle how best to grow quickly and smartly”.

Neil Smith, our Global Head of Talent offers on the placement, “Jason’s search pedigree is fantastic. We’re very lucky to have him on the MitchelLake team in San Francisco and are looking forward to a prosperous 2015 with him on-board.”

Jason will lead our customer acquisition, strategy and engagement. Having relocated from Seattle to San Francisco for this role Jason is excited by being in Silicon Valley. He moved with his fiance Jess, dog Clementine and cat BeastMode.

On the future of the industry, Jason comments “The talent industry in general is continuing to grow as is the technology industry which should mean good times ahead. I think it’s too early to call it a bubble but startup valuations are rising higher and higher fueled by more investment dollars competing for the best startups. I think that there will be a shake-up sooner or later where some of the weaker companies will tank a bit.”

Welcome Jason!