MitchelLake Group announced as finalists in Global Recruiter Awards Posted at 0:00, Fri, 8 August 2014 in Company Updates

The team at MitchelLake Group are looking forward to the APAC Global Recruiter Awards after being nominated and named as finalists in two categories:

– Best Specialist Business (APAC)
– Best Overseas Operation (MitchelLake San Francisco office)

The winners will be announced at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on the 2nd of October.

“We are thrilled to be recognised in such a competitive global context. Our team has invested the last 14 years developing international talent networks to build and grow digitally enabled ventures and propositions” says Luke Partridge, Director MitchelLake Asia. “We are bullish about current trends in technology, talent and business. Global demand for executives and skills in our category is spiking and we are finding both business and talent to be increasingly fluid between markets. With our latest operation in Singapore we are able to play an increased pivotal role in this business growth and global career transitions that accompany this and the fantastic opportunities these present”

Group co-founder Jon Tanner concludes “Our current view is that markets are increasingly borderless. The combination of globalisation and digital connectivity is driving unprecedented opportunity, but with these opportunities come unprecedented challenges. Our purpose is to provide the knowledge our clients require to navigate those challenges and realise their potential whether they be a Silicon Valley startup or a multinational corporation.”

About MLG:

Inspired to help innovators succeed the MitchelLake Group was founded in Sydney in 2001 (on an idea and under pressure) by Phaedon Stough and Jon Tanner. We now have a talented team of nearly 50 people and operations in cities across APAC, North America and Europe. We are proud to work with some of the world’s most exciting organisations including: Etsy, Square, Dropbox, Stripe, Pandora Radio, SurveyMonkey, Wikia, Signal, Thumbtack, 99Designs and Strong View.

When we are not busy being the world’s leading supplier of executive and specialist talent we focus on producing compelling events and introductions to activate sales, investment and partnerships. In between we pay it forward and give back as much as we can.


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