JOB OPPORTUNITY // Australia to San Francisco. Develop your future. Posted at 0:00, Thu, 11 February 2016 in Industry Insights

As an Australian-owned company that now reaches across four continents, MitchelLake is proud of its roots Down Under, and excited by the talent we’ve seen come out of Australia. We’re inspired by local innovators and are continually looking for ways to boost recognition of innovation that is being created right here in Australia via our international networks and operations.

In a bid to further support growth and innovation across Australia we’re excited to be partnering with some of Silicon Valley’s foremost VC funds to offer a number of secondments to some of the world’s leading tech startups. Let us introduce to your our Tour of Duty, with the aim of bringing some of Australia’s brightest minds to the epicentre of global digital disruptors in America.

We want to hear from high-achieving Software Engineers or students graduating in Computer Science or a related engineering field. Please get in touch if you’re looking to be part of the next generation of digital disrupters.

We are excited to offer the opportunity for you to make an impact in your own career, and on the future of the Australian tech space. The secondment will assist in fast-tracking your career, and is made possible thanks to the E3 Visa. You could gain experience working for some of the worlds most inspired ventures in IoT, fintech, big data, cloud computing, mobile applications and AI.

Facilitated by E3 Visa, MitchelLake are looking to source Australia’s best engineering talent and support their transition to some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies. Driven by our links to some of the most recognised and well-respected VCs in Tech, we can see the opportunity for Australians to learn and thrive from the insights and experience of working alongside our American counterparts.

Essence of the Venture
Our vision is tied intrinsically to the development of the Australian digital ecosystem and the concept of Australia being a global hub of innovation and world-leading tech start-ups. We want Australian tech talent to experience firsthand what it takes to build incredible companies, take risks, fail fast, pivot and succeed!

For more information about this opportunity click here or contact Rocco Joyce on +61 423 405 633 |

“What an entrepreneur does is to build for the long run. If the market is great, you get all of the resources you can. You build to it. But a good entrepreneur is always prepared to throttle back, put on the brakes, and if the world changes, adapt to the world.”
– Vinod Khosla

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