JJ Chats Global Growth Ahead of Inaugural Event Posted at 0:00, Mon, 30 March 2015 in Industry Insights

At MitchelLake we practice what we preach. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Singapore, Europe and San Francisco, we know a thing or two about global growth. However, we’re firmly aware that there’s not a great deal of information-sharing on this topic, so we’re excited to be holding our first event in an ongoing series – Global Growth: Advance into APAC – in San Francisco this April.

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This event will include networking, discussion and Q&A as seasoned industry professionals share invaluable insights on establishing a strategic foothold in growth markets.

Jonathan Jeffries, Managing Partner of MLG’s Global Growth Practice, will join a talented panel including, RedBubble, Wikia and Houzz. Ahead of the event, we took 5 minutes with JJ to chat about all things Global Growth.

MG: What’s prompted this event series?
JJ: The growth of MitchelLake over the last 5 years has been strong and consistent. It has allowed us to create market-leading entry solutions for fast-growth tech companies across the globe – not just in the US. Our work has seen us deliver talent to US, UK, Canada, Europe (multiple countries), South America, Asia (multiple countries), Australia and New Zealand. We see a knowledge gap around growth strategies, and this series aims to combat that.

MG: Talk to us about US clients using MLG’s services for market entry.
JJ: With international expansion a number one priority for a number of US-backed fast growth tech companies, our market entry solutions really lead the way in enabling the appropriate strategy to be executed. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions that combine our partnership program across PR, marketing, sales and events, as well as finding talent. Combining these aspects results in a great result for clients who are receiving well-rounded growth support.

Clients we’ve worked with in this space include Survey Monkey, Dropbox, Pandora, Facebook, Square and Stripe.

MG: What are the key challenges when it comes to US companies looking to grow?
JJ: We repeatedly see 5 main challenge areas:
• Understanding the local market position required for growth;
• Understanding the complexity of setting up in Australia and Asia and how it differs compared with the US;
• Costs involved;
• Difference in talent quality, level and costs; and
• Weighing up when is the right time to make the move.

MG: What are the opportunities for doing business in APAC?
JJ: The market growth potential is huge – never underestimate APAC. We’re also seeing a huge amount of knowledge come out of APAC, and there’s a desire there to solve tech problems.
Australia and Asia, Singapore in particular, are early adopters of new and exciting technology. This makes it such a rewarding market to be in.

MG: Finally, what are your top tips for successful market entry?
• Hire right. Understand costs and salaries to make it an easy win;
• Have a clear strategy of why you’re choosing Asia or Australia;
• Set a strategy when you’re on the ground, not before; and
• Call MitchelLake!

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Thursday 23rd April, 6-8pm
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