JJ Back At University + Software Engingeering Students Seeking Internships Posted at 0:00, Tue, 7 October 2014 in Industry Insights

Last week as part of MitchelLake’s continued efforts to connect and educate the startup ecosystem in Australia, I was pleased to be invited to be a guest speaker for the 2nd year RMIT Software Engineering students.

This was my first ever lecture and it was a pleasure to be able to talk about a subject that I love and am passionate about.

As the class prepares for life in the real world – kicking off with 40 weeks interning – it was both a nerve racking and rewarding experience as I was able to impart knowledge to the students (that was the aim at least!).

During the lecture I aimed to try and educate the talented and enthusiastic class on the importance of striving for the most challenging, interesting and culturally beneficial options for them from a career standpoint.

It was great to see how proactive the students were, with some having already begun to secure internships with some of Melbourne’s awesome startups such as Outware Mobile. More encouraging was the desire of the class to learn more.

After just 1 hour back at university I learnt a lot about myself and the importance of giving back knowledge and educating the next generation. There are many wonderful opportunities in the Melbourne startup community and I look forward to the RMIT class being able to feed off them.

MitchelLake are keen to continue helping the class at RMIT and as such, it it would be great to hear from startups and fast-growth tech business seeking talented tech students eager to take on a challenge or two for 40 weeks as part of the internship requirements. The class is ready to work from November 2014.

If you think you can help out at your company, please get in touch with us at sydney@mitchellake.com