How do you know that this job is THE one? Posted at 0:00, Thu, 6 October 2016 in Industry Insights

Finding a new job can be a nerve-wracking and lengthy process. There is dating and swooning happening from both sides of the table. Candidates do their best to make a great impression and showcase their skills and expertise. Companies want candidates to believe that their company is the best place on earth to work (maybe it is), and that they have created a happy and humble environment. There is an underlying fear of rejection exhibited from candidates and companies alike. We all know how it feels to build your hopes up so high, only to have them come crashing down right in front of you. The decision to leave your old job, enter into the dating world, and hopefully settle down, doesn’t have to be a scary one.

Entering into a happy marriage

It’s difficult to determine just from the interview process whether you’ll want to be at the company long-term. Just like when you landed your first job, you’re super excited when you start and the honeymoon phase lasts for at least a few months. Then reality hits and the nuances of a new job fade away. You’re no longer the new person in the office, you don’t need any help figuring out what you’re supposed to be doing, things are falling into place. Now it’s time to start evaluating longevity, but how?


The first and most important is trust. Do your trust your boss? Do you trust your co-workers? Do they trust you, and do you feel valued? Like any relationship, trust is earned and developed over time. It is a mutual respect and understanding, and the most rewarding aspect of a relationship. Don’t get scared and jump ship early, a genuine sense of trust will probably not happen within your first year with a company. However, if you’re still uncertain after 2 years, then it might be time to start looking outside your current situation.

Work Life Balance

Are you able to take the time off that you want to? Do you go home at a decent hour? Do you work weekends? Are you ok with working weekends? Is there anyone in your life who is affected by your work life balance (husband/wife/partner/kids)? These factors contribute directly to your overall happiness and should be addressed throughout the interview process. If the expectations are set straight from the beginning, it will save both you and the company lots of stress and pain later down the line.

Challenge and Growth

Do you find yourself being challenged often? Is there upward mobility that you strive for? Are there alternative career paths to explore? It’s ok if you don’t know your exact career path when you’re making the decision to join a company, but knowing that there are options for growth is important. There needs to be a challenge, something willing you to continue trying. Internal support and the opportunity for upward mobility is paramount for your longevity at a company.

If you ask yourself these questions continually throughout your tenure at a company, you’ll be more comfortable with your decision to stay or to go. Embrace these core aspects of happiness, and you’re setting yourself up for a successful employer marriage.

We wish you many happy returns!

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