Event Recap // Achieving Mindfulness with Matthew Savarick (Headspace) Posted at 0:00, Wed, 7 February 2018 in Industry Insights

“Mindfulness” isn’t just one of Mitchellake’s core values, but also an integral part of our company culture and daily lives. It allows us to operate with positive intent, and show genuine empathy to our clients, candidates, and colleagues. It allows us to show up, be truly present, and make the biggest impact. Being in tune with ourselves as well as our network, we continue to be driven by purpose and focus on being transformational rather than transactional.

On Thursday, February 1, 2018, we were joined by Matthew Savarick of Headspace, Inc at WeWork Transbay in San Francisco, CA. In an intimate, interactive workshop, Savarick spoke to the importance of incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine and how it can help elevate your career and personal relationships.

 “Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

If you didn’t know, Headspace is on a mission to improve the health and happiness of the world by creating media and technology centered around awareness and compassion. Stress has become an epidemic in the workplace that costs more $300B due to disengagement, absenteeism, as well as loss of focus. According to the National Institute of Mental Health,

“By 2020, the economic costs of mental health will be more than cancer, diabetes, and respiratory ailments put together.”

We understand the necessity of going to the gym or out for a walk or run several times during the week, however, many still believe that meditation is for hippies or people with far more time than them, however, that is the furthest thing from the truth — as we were told by Savarick. By setting aside one percent of your day, you can improve the other 99 percent. By tuning into a 10-minute meditation for as little as three consecutive days per week, you can help your brain perform at peak levels and better withstand psychological stress.

Savarick’s workshop was well received by everyone in attendance, including many of our own team members who have since downloaded the Headspace app and begin incorporating it into their routines. One attendee, in particular, raved that Savarick was a “great presenter” and that “any discussion on how to manage stress and anxiety is hugely helpful!”

We want to thank Matthew Savarick (Headspace, Inc) for graciously volunteering his time, as well as our partners at WeWork Transbay for allowing us to occupy their space for a truly memorable evening.

How do you practice mindfulness? Do you have a favorite meditation app? Let us know!