The Mitchellake Group Launches DVX Partners Posted at 15:09, Fri, 2 October 2020 in Company Updates

Together in conjunction with Technology People, Novon and SWR Group, The MitchelLake Group has launched the DVX Partners network – a full-stack talent collective for the digital age.

“This collaboration really does allow our partners to create more depth to their client relationships. Our independent specialists’ brands cohesively working together to bring enhanced offerings to market is a breath of fresh air for our industry and our clients.

Whilst we are just getting started, this is about growth and value creation for our partners as we respond to the talent acquisition demands of rapid digitisation across our marketplace”

Mark Chote, Chair, DVX Partners.

The continuing digitisation of all industries is inevitable and relentless. According to the IDC, worldwide spending on the technologies and services that enable the digital transformation (DX) of business practices, products, and organisations is forecast to reach $2.3 trillion in 2023.  

Advisory, strategy, SI and consulting firms are expanding capability and stretching business models horizontally and vertically to meet the demands of clients; however, for most companies, it is the endeavours of transformative talent that separates the disruptors from the disrupted. 

A digital talent collective

“Where challenges abound so do opportunities for positive change. The problem we are solving is to build scale and expand our capability without diluting the essence and quality of our firm. The current rate of technology-enabled change brings full-stack challenges; the collective concept of DVX partners allows us to offer a full-stack solution.”

Jon Tanner, Founder and Group CEO of The MitchelLake Group

Digitisation continues to challenge traditional borders, business models, and boards, and DVX Partners was formed as a response to this challenge. 

For over two decades, our collective of founders and firms has worked at the coalface of digital ventures and transformation from board advisory and executive search to full-stack talent and contract solutions. 

“E=Mc2 is Einstein’s theory of relativity that expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity. The concept of DVX to bring a collective mass and energy of its members, creating a new virtual entity that will provide the very best client experience in innovation and delivery of digital transformation services.”

Dominic Dufaur, Founder and Group MD of Technology People

We believe that no single firm can simultaneously and effectively maintain significant niche expertise and credible market relationships both horizontally across business lines and vertically through the talent stack. That’s why we have brought together the essential components of specialist focus that can scale and flex on-demand with our clients. 

Bridging the gap between digital ventures and transformation

“In a challenging environment and difficult 2020, there has never been a more relevant saying than: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

Technology People are proud to partner with such a highly experienced, successful group of founders all with common goals, objectives and values. I have no doubt that this collaboration will mean great things for our clients.”

Steve Scanlan, Founder of DVX Partners

Digitisation cuts across traditional internal business silos and stakeholders, dragging them together around data and insights. This brings their traditional external partners into closer proximity and competition across CEO, CIO, CFO, CMO, CDO, and Board stakeholders, right down into the front lines of transformation across customer, strategy, technology, and operations. 

Here at DVX Partners, our mission is to accelerate access to executives, experts, and teams on demand. From executive search and talent advisory to the coalface of expertise and contract solutions, we have surrounded ourselves with exceptional people so that we can provide world-class shared services and collective performance data.

“Is there a more far-reaching, effective and critical channel to the customer (in their every form), than digital?

We don’t believe there is, thus our investment and involvement in an organisation that is committed to, and has the global reach, to source the best in digital talent. Through this unique relationship/collaboration, we are able to introduce that talent to NZ organisations wanting to drive their own DX.”

Tony Walsh, Director of SWR Group

For more information, to collaborate with us or join our collective, visit

About Our Partners

The MitchelLake Group 

The MitchelLake Group combines decades of knowledge, capability, and relationships to deliver specialised executive search for leaders of innovation. Since 2001, our mission has been to serve the world’s most progressive and inspired organisations, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Technology People 

Established in Sydney in 2011, Technology People partners executive search methodology with specialist recruitment. With services across Search, Contracting and Projects, we work to create relationships with the top 20% in our specialist technology sectors connecting them when the right opportunity presents


Novon provides people solutions that are intrinsically designed to help address challenges around how you deliver your key business initiatives. We offer solutions that are specifically aimed at helping you meet your needs for a contingent flexible workforce, providing the same highly skilled specialists, but under a sustainable cost model.

SWR Group

SWR Group is a boutique executive search firm focussed on excellence in sourcing leadership talent, specialised and hard-to-fill roles. We cover all organisational, people and subject matter leadership roles, from the C-Suite down – whether permanent or contract.